Our World is Changing

Higher Education Should Too

Technology is moving at a pace that traditional education can’t match. Circle is rethinking the way that we develop and deliver technical education through practical curriculums, flipped classrooms, mentoring, and more.


Increased Educator Accountability

Improved Student Outcomes

We believe higher education should be Full Circle. That means educators are not only responsible for delivering concepts – but ensuring that curriculum aligns with industry needs, providing students with employment opportunities, and owning post-graduation success.

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How We Work

Connecting Education with Tech is what we do.
At Circle Education, we focus on finding unique and
innovative ways to bring them together.

Early Code

Stimulating early interest in technology through K-12 technology programs

Community Outreach

Providing free and low-cost introductions to technology in all the communities we serve

Circle Coding Academy

Innovative, practical, and in-depth training to prepare students for rewarding tech careers


Strategic Partnerships

Building relationships with tech companies to understand needs, pain points, and direction

Custom Training

Developing and delivering training solutions to help companies grow and scale

Software and Web Solutions

Creating unique web solutions and content for growing companies

Closing the Circle

The most important and innovative aspect of what we do at Circle Education falls where technology meets the broader community. Through our programs we aim to ensure that talent, information, and education flows both ways.

Our Brands

Circle Education consists of multiple component brands working together to achieve our goals.


Early Code

This program is designed to introduce the next generation of students to technology with practical, hands-on, and fun camps and lessons.


Circle Coding Academy

Our nationwide tech education brand focuses on creating innovative, practical, and in-depth training across a variety of technologies to prepare students for rewarding careers in tech.


Austin Coding Academy

Established in 2014, Austin Coding Academy continues to support Circle Education as the largest coding school in Central Texas.

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